The Importance of Good Ventilation in a Greenhouse

Proper ventilation is imperative for a greenhouse to function properly. The ventilation system of a greenhouse provides fresh air to the plants (CO2), helps to control temperature and humidity, and reduces the likelihood of disease. Greenhouses are generally enclosed structures that will not ventilate entirely on their own. In order to ensure that proper ventilation in the greenhouse is achieved, gardeners must install either a passive or powered ventilation system.


Greenhouse Glazing Options

When purchasing a greenhouse, a gardener is faced with a few options in regard to the type of material the transparent panels are made from. Although all greenhouses are designed to allow sunlight to reach the plants, there can be a difference in the way a garden performs due to the materials that make up the greenhouse. Hobbyists looking to set up a greenhouse have essentially three choices when it comes to the greenhouse’s glazing options: single pane glass, double pane glass, or multi-wall polycarbonate. Each glazing option has its own advantages and disadvantages which means growers should examine each before making a final decision.


Choosing an Attached or Freestanding Greenhouse and Greenhouse Orientation

When setting up a greenhouse, one of the first things a gardener needs to decide is whether the greenhouse will be a freestanding or an attached greenhouse. A closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each will give a gardener a better idea of which type of greenhouse will best suit his or her needs.


Cleveland Botanical Garden

Partners in Horticulture: Arcadia GlassHouse Provides Orchid Showcase

The Garden’s horticulture staff joined forces this summer with Arcadia GlassHouse on a plan to incorporate a “glasshouse within a glasshouse” for the benefit of the orchid collection and orchid lovers in Northeast Ohio and beyond.


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