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Partners in Horticulture: Arcadia GlassHouse Provides Orchid Showcase

The Garden’s horticulture staff joined forces this summer with Arcadia GlassHouse on a plan to incorporate a “glasshouse within a glasshouse” for the benefit of the orchid collection and orchid lovers in Northeast Ohio and beyond.CBG

“Currently our orchids are grown in an environment similar to the Madagascar biome,” said Cynthia Druckerbrod, Director of Horticulture and Conservation. “This hot and dry setting poses a real challenge for us when it comes to sustaining our orchid collection – hot can be good, but dry is not. Arcadia generously agreed to build a special orchid-growing greenhouse that will provide the optimal light, heat and humidity needed for orchids to thrive. This special glasshouse will allow us to expand our collection of new world orchids and propogate species which in the past were challenging, if not impossible, to grow here.”

CBGPDFArcadia GlassHouse specializes in designing, building and servicing high quality, residential greenhouses at its Painesville, Ohio location. This orchid initiative is one of numerous Garden projects that Arcadia has supported over the years, and we are so appreciative of the company’s willingness to enhance such efforts because they are vital to our mission, according to Executive Director Natalie Ronayne.

“We support Cleveland Botanical Garden because we really believe in what it is doing for our community and for the benefit of horticulture in general,” said Jeff Kenyon, President, Arcadia GlassHouse. “We’ve sponsored several events (including this summer’s popular “Gourmets in the Garden”), and we’ve consistently been pleased with the creative ways the staff has found to help both organizations maximize the benefits achieved through partnership. The Garden does a great job of providing world-class programs and Arcadia GlassHouse benefits from the awareness and interest we glean from being part of these wonderful events.”

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