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Our best combination of quality greenhouse construction and value.

Arcadia residential greenhouses are designed with high quality greenhouse construction and energy efficiency for beauty and low-maintenance when attached to your home or freestanding in your garden. Arcadia greenhouses are built with a strong extruded aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware that will never rust. Our unique h-channel glazing system allows us to use full-length glass or polycarbonate panels for maximum insulation and no overlapping seams to leak.

Arcadia greenhouses are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, including even-span and lean-to styles. Choose the glazing option that is best for your application – 3/16” glass, which is 50% thicker than any other greenhouse manufacturer, or multiwall polycarbonate for best insulation.

  • • Standard and Custom Sizes
  • • Freestanding, Lean-to and Kneewall Options
  • • 3/16” Glass or triple-wall / 5-wall Polycarbonate
  • • Strong Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • • Professional Installation



The Arcadia greenhouse design utilizes a square tube frame and welded truss construction that makes it stronger and lighter than other greenhouses in its class without the need for cross bracing or support posts. Our greenhouses are engineering rated for 30 lb/sq. ft. snow loads and 105 mph wind gusts. Higher capacity ratings are available.

Arcadia’s welded scissor truss design is double the strength of conventional greenhouse frames.

Arcadia’s welded scissor truss design is double
the strength of conventional greenhouse frames.

Energy Efficiency

Arcadia greenhouses are virtually air-tight because of our proprietary aluminum h-channel, which is used to encapsulate all four sides of every glass or polycarbonate panel. This unique engineering design is much stronger and better insulating than traditional caps, clips, foam tape and overlapping glass systems. Our glass panels have extra insulation with an EPDM rubber seal that goes all the way around the glass inside the h-channel for a waterproof seal that lasts a lifetime.

Arcadia’s h-channel

Arcadia’s h-channel frame holds full-length glass or
polycarbonate panels without seams, tape or caps.

Beautiful Designs

Arcadia GlassHouse offers many beautiful greenhouse designs, and we encourage customers to custom design a greenhouse that complements their home, whether it is attached or freestanding. We can easily modify the pitch of the roof, build the greenhouse on a stone or brick kneewall, add cresting and finials, or powder coat paint to match any color. We want your greenhouse to be a functional and beautiful addition to your home.

Arcadia’s reverse gable

Arcadia’s reverse gable entry adds style and beauty to this
freestanding garden greenhouse with 12/12 pitch roof.

Freestanding garden greenhouses

Freestanding garden greenhouses can be a beautiful and peaceful retreat.


Our modern engineering design includes a sidewall height that is more than one foot taller than most other greenhouses so you have plenty of headroom to hang baskets and work comfortably. We use a high-quality, 36” wide entry door with retractable screen. We manufacturer our own aluminum benches and offer thermostatically controlled heating and ventilating systems to keep your greenhouse warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Arcadia Difference

We aren’t your typical greenhouse dealer or reseller. We are a greenhouse manufacturer that has all our own full-time employees who will design, build and install your greenhouse. We won’t hand you off to someone else for installation or technical support. Our experienced installers are true professionals who travel the country installing Arcadia greenhouses with the care and respect you would expect from the best. Learn more About Arcadia

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