Greenhouse Tips

Planning for your new greenhouse should be a fun and rewarding experience. Our employees have installed hundreds of custom greenhouses all across the country, and we are happy to share our expertise and recommendations with you.

The tips below address many of the most common questions we get, but we encourage you to contact us via phone or email to discuss your plans in more detail and to receive our free brochures and planning guides.

TIP #1 - Choosing an Attached or Freestanding Greenhouse and N,S,E,W Orientation

TIP #2 - Greenhouse Glazing Options – Glass or Polycarbonate

TIP #3 - The Importance of Good Ventilation in a Greenhouse

TIP #4 - Keeping Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer

TIP #5 - Greenhouse Shade Cloth Options

TIP #6 - Foundation Requirements for Greenhouses

TIP #7 - Grow All Year Round with Affordable Heating Options

TIP #8 - Sizing Heating and Cooling Equipment for a Greenhouse

TIP #9 - Greenhouse Lighting Options

TIP #10 - Greenhouse Construction: Planning for Snow Loads and Wind Loads

TIP #11 - Does My Greenhouse Need a Permit?

TIP #12 - Sizing Your Greenhouse for Optimum Utilization of Space

TIP #13 - Organic Gardening in the Greenhouse

TIP #14 - Hydroponic Systems in the Greenhouse

TIP #15 - Hydroponic Nutrients - The Essential Elements

TIP #16 - Sanitizing the Greenhouse and Overwintering Plants

Tip #17 - Vertical Gardening In a Greenhouse

Tip #18 - Starting Seeds in a Greenhouse

Tip #19 - Hardening Off Your Seedlings

Tip #20 - Preventing Pest Infestations in a Greenhouse


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